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Hi readers,

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. And today is the day to just do it. The idea behind this blog is to share my love for food (mostly healthy food) and my family.  I thought it would be nice to write a little introduction.

First there’s me (mami): I love being a mother and taking care of our growing family. At the moment I’m 6 months pregnant with our second baby so I try to eat as healthy as possible. Food is one of my obsessions. And now that I’m a mami, eating and feeding my family in a healthy way is added to that obsession.

Than there’s my partner (mama): She is the best person I could ever think of to start a family with. She carried our rainbowbaby and has been breastfeeding him for 9 months now. And we hope she can keep up with that for the months to come.

And now we get to the king of our world (baby K): He’s such a gentle, happy, funny baby. He’s smiling and babling all day long. He eats everything we serve him with the same love for food I have. He’s just the best baby ever.

In 3 months there will be another addition to the family (baby 2): We can’t wait to meet the little person growing inside of me. We hope he will be just as happy with his mommies as his big brother.

So that was the introduction. Tonight I’ll be baking our boy some healthy pancakes. I will write a blog on them one of these days. But first time for a healthy salad to feed me and baby 2.


Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.



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